Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile is very important. It can help you get a job or capture the interest of a person you care about. A nice smile and white teeth belong together. Maybe you have always wanted to have white teeth but you thought the process of teeth whitening is long and complicated. We offer you a simple and quick solution with no enamel damage! Make yourself comfortable and you will enjoy your Hollywood smile in a while.

Not recommended to pregnant women.
Not recommended to people suffering from herpes, mouth ulcers or mouth injury.

Teeth Whitening
Premium 69€

The procedure takes only 50 minutes and your teeth will be from 5 to 8 shades whiter – a great reason to visit us!

Teeth Whitening
Express 29€

The procedure takes only 15 minutes and your teeth will be from 2 to 4 shades whiter. You can take care of your teeth and still manage to do everything on your daily to-do list this way!

Teeth whitening procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

The main ingredients of our whitening gel are sodium hydrogen carbonate, glycerol, carrageenan powder, xylitol, sorbitol, menthol oil, cranberry oil, aloe vera gel, chamomile extract, cocamidopropyl betaine.

We brought our technology to Slovakia from the US. We have had it tested and it meets the highest standards set by the European Union. Whitening takes place in special chairs (egg pods) that are comfortable and intimate. First you clean your teeth with a menthol fingertip brush and right before the whitening process we apply a protective cream to your teeth, lips and gums. We put a sufficient amount of the gel into the mouthpiece and insert it in your mouth. Then you can just sit back comfortably and enjoy the whitening treatment while a UV LED light is beamed on the mouthpiece

We recommend teeth whitening to be repeated every 4 months. In case you follow all our recommendations and have healthy lifestyle, your visit is
not required any sooner than in four months. However, if you want to achieve better results, you can visit us more often

There is no proven influence of tooth decay on the results of teeth whitening, which means you can still visit us. Teeth whitening is not recommended to pregnant women or people with a weakened immune system, dehydrated people, those suffering from a herpes, mouth ulcers or mouth injury.

Teeth whitening is not recommended to pregnant women or people with a weakened immune system, dehydrated people, those suffering from a herpes, mouth ulcers or mouth injury.

Every dental replacement produced in a dental laboratory already has its own colour that your dentist had chosen for you. So it is unrealistic to expect any change in the colour of your dental replacement. In this case, however, it is possible to properly and professionally clean the dental replacement to remove all food and drink stains with airflow and dental hygiene tools. Therefore, we recommend you visit Premium dental hygiene service.

Because of tooth pigment, which changes with your lifestyle. If you like food and drinks containing a lot of pigments (e.g. coffee, tea, beetroot, ketchup, etc.), your teeth turn slightly yellow. Smoking and taking too much medication make the matters even worse. Your oral care and age are the other important factors.

Najväčším strašiakom bielych zubov je však fajčenie a časté užívanie liekov. Ďalšími dôležitými faktormi sú aj starostlivosť o chrup a vek každého jednotlivca.

Our teeth whitening procedure is nature-based. All the ingredients included in the whitening gels we use had undergone toxicity testing. Therefore there is no risk and no side effects.

During the process of teeth whitening, all the organic layers in tooth enamel are depigmented. The active substances contained in the whitening gel are activated through a special LED lamp. The layers in your tooth enamel are whitened one by one – first its surface, then other pigment layers.

If you want to be 100% sure we will be able to examine you, it is recommended to make an appointment. In case there is a free dental chair at the time you come, you will not need to make a reservation.


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