About us

The year was 1906 when in the US an experienced doctor called Alfred Fones first described serious causes of tooth loss due to improper cleaning. As is customary, other doctors did not like his claims. Everything changed, however, when tooth extraction became the only solution for all dental diseases.

In 1913 the same doctor, together with his nephew Dr. Newman, opened the world’s first ever dental hygiene school. Since that time, tooth care has developed quickly and thanks to the two gentlemen we now have great, professionally equipped dental surgeries.

We are people who always want to have a healthy, beautiful, white smile. A smile to show off.

That is why we decided to travel to the US at the beginning of 2015 to search for, explore and test the best that the dental world currently has to offer. Something new that we could take back to Slovakia.

So we started searching. We researched, tested and selected teeth whitening technologies and procedures. We looked for a whitening treatment that would be safe, based on natural ingredients and pleasant enough to keep clients coming back.

We have found it. We’ve mixed and “blended” all our findings for our clients at Dental Brothers.

We’ve decided to provide teeth whitening combined with dental hygiene services of high quality and efficiency. We took advice on the selection of professional tools, trained a skilled team and prepared premises that are completely different from regular clinics. It’s a completely different world.

We want to be here for those who consider seeing a dentist an unpleasant obligation. We want to be here for the people who care about their health and their appearance.

We bring new experiences. We are Dental Brothers.

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We look forward to your visit to our beautiful clinics.