Why visit Dental Brothers?

Modern equipment

Our facilities are modern and luxuriously furnished with special and high-end instruments and equipment. We are one of the few in the country to use an intraoral camera and an antiplaque scanner for dental hygiene.

No waiting

Our customers have the option to make an appointment for a specific date and time that suits them. This means that they are booked in for dental hygiene or teeth whitening at the exact time and thus do not have to waste time waiting unnecessarily.

Contribution from the insurance company

Are you insured with Union or Dôvera health insurance? Then you can apply for a contribution to our services. Our staff will be happy to help you fill in the application form. Payments can also be made with Up, Edenred and Benefit plus vouchers.

Customer education

We also take care to provide professional instruction in every procedure. Our customers are informed about every procedure. We inform them about what we are doing, why it is being done and what aids we use during the procedure. We also use instructional aids to help us educate our customers on how they should professionally care for their oral health at home.

Whitening without pain

The whitening process is gentle on teeth and gums, as we use a special gel without hydrogen peroxide. Thus, the customer does not feel any pain, burning or unpleasant pinching when whitening his teeth. It is a healthy whitening of the teeth to natural shades, which does not use any artificial substances.

Individual approach

At Dental Brothers, we treat every customer individually and above and beyond the norm. Therefore, customers do not have to worry about any outdated methods, methods or techniques and can come to us with pleasure and without fear.

Convenient parking

All of our operations are located in shopping centres. Therefore, our working hours are from 9:00 to 21:00, even on weekends. The advantage of our operations in shopping malls is also the possibility of free and convenient parking directly in the building of the shopping center.

Various benefits

At Dental Brothers, we also offer benefits for families, small businesses and large corporations. With the purchase of a 2x All Inclusive package, our customers' children can automatically come in for a free dental hygiene appointment.

We answer at any time

The professional approach is also reflected in the communication with the customer. We communicate and respond to our customers via messages at any non-standard hour, even after working hours.

Consistent dental hygiene

We perform dental hygiene professionally, thoroughly and precisely. We are not in a hurry and therefore the length of the dental hygiene treatment is at least 45 minutes.

With us you will relax

Customers can also consider teeth whitening as a form of relaxation, as they can watch their favourite programme on TV during the entire procedure.

Customers card

Customers also receive a stamp on their loyalty card after each procedure. After collecting a sufficient amount, they get the next procedure completely free of charge.

Discounts and promotions

We regularly prepare various promotions and discount codes for Dental Brothers customers so that they can save money on dental hygiene or teeth whitening.

Birthday/Christmas discount

Loyal customers can also avail a discount on any act during their birthday or name day.

Dental hygiene specialists for seniors, pregnant women and children

We have special attachments and equipment that are gentle on dentures, crowns, implants, bridges and ceramics. Our dental hygiene is also suitable for mums-to-be and children.

Quality dental hygiene at the best price

We have a top-notch team of professionals and top-notch equipment with a perfect pro-client approach. With us, a dental hygiene treatment takes not 20 minutes, but one full hour. The price is final, we don't charge any extra or separate fees for the procedure.

We work 7 days a week

We are open every day, including weekends, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Therefore, you can visit us whenever it suits you best.