Sealing of teeth



Sealing of teeth

Sealing teeth is an excellent painless prevention of tooth decay. This quick and painless treatment involves pouring a special substance (sealant) over deep grooves in the teeth.

We disinfect the grooves before pouring with a simple and painless application of HealOzon or Laser to make sure that the sealed tooth is completely bacteria-free and will not decay under the sealant.


Sealing of teeth in children

Sealing teeth in children is a procedure that is designed to protect children’s freshly cut teeth. Sealing protects against tooth decay. It consists of applying a special material – “sealant” – to the chewing surfaces of freshly cut teeth. Sealing is most often performed in children around the age of 6, immediately after the first molars have been cut, and at the age of 12, immediately after the second molars have been cut.


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