Fluoridation of teeth



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Fluoridation of teeth

Fluoride content can also be found in commonly available foods. Often, however, this amount is not sufficient to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is then recommended to protect the teeth from decay. In addition, fluoridation helps to increase the resistance of tooth enamel to tooth decay, promotes and influences the cyclic remineralisation of tooth enamel after contact with acids and prevents the metabolism of bacteria. In professional fluoridation, fluoride-containing gels and varnishes are applied to the teeth. It is thus a painless and simple process that takes a maximum of 15 minutes.


Fluoridation of teeth in children

Already during intrauterine development, the mother’s mineral supply is important for the baby’s teeth. Young teeth are much less mineralised than permanent teeth and therefore more likely to decay. Fluoridation is especially necessary at the time when tooth enamel is forming and maturing. As with adults, children can also have their teeth fluoridated. It is also carried out by means of a fluoride gel and varnish, which has the same beneficial effects in children as in adults. Thus, fluoridation serves to protect the teeth from decay, promotes cyclical remineralization and prevents the spread of bacteria. Dental fluoridation in children can be performed from the age of six.


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