Outpatient teeth whitening



Before the procedure, we recommend a professional dental hygiene to ensure the most radiant effect. In our practice we perform professional outpatient teeth whitening using certified highly concentrated whitening gels. This is a painless procedure that involves applying the gel to the teeth, reapplying it for 15 to 20 minutes, and wiping it off while the gums and surrounding tissues are protected by an isolation membrane.

The number of applications depends on achieving the expected shade and the sensitivity of the patient’s teeth.

What should be observed after bleaching?

It is a good idea to follow the so-called white diet during the whitening process and also for at least two weeks after the whitening process. Your task will be to avoid any foods and drinks with dyes – coffee, tea, cola, red wine, beetroot, spinach, curry spices, etc. Bleaching will “open” the tooth and it will stay open for a period of time. The whole process of teeth whitening shows that just as the unwanted pigments could be extracted from the enamel, they can get into it much more easily after whitening.Give your teeth plenty of time to regenerate and close. If you can’t give up coffee, we recommend drinking it through a straw and in smaller doses so you don’t roll it around in your mouth unnecessarily.

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